Review: Second-Story Man

Second-Story Man - Robert P. Rowe

This is hard book to rate. There were parts I really enjoyed, but other parts I thoroughly hated.


What I liked:
- The writing was very very good. It all had a very nice flow to it. I felt connected to the characters and really wanted to find out what happened.
- How this story was all character-based. Not a lot of plot, and I was fine with that. There was just so much to find out about these two men.
- I adored Carlos. I had a very good time being in his head. He was just so real, so honest. Even though he was somewhat confused about being gay at the beginning, he still tried to figure out those feelings and not hide from them.
- The hurt part of this hurt/comfort story was very well done (the comfort part not so much though).

The things I disliked:
- Michael. Oh god, how I hated him. I started off liking him and loving the way he tried to give Carlos a chance at a better life after Carlos tried to rob him. But he always treated Carlos as a child with all his ridiculous rules. And he eventually sent Carlos away and never told him he loved him, just because he was scared.
- The lack of comfort. Michael never comforted Carlos, even though Carlos really deserved some comfort with the things he went through. Michael just told him his rules and that he had to obey them or he would be out on the street again. I just wanted to hug Carlos and never let him go.
- The break-up. Near 85% Michael tells Carlos he has to leave. Carlos tells him over and over again how much he loves him, but Michael never says it back. They are apart for months. Carlos tries everything to get Michael back, send him flowers, wait on his doorstep, but Michael doesn’t even open the door. Carlos so did not deserve that! He didn’t even do anything wrong. They finally get back together at 95%, but it was too late for me. I just wanted sweet Carlos to find someone better.

Overall this left a bad taste in my mouth, so 2.5 stars it is.