Review: But For You (A Matter of Time #6)

But For You - Mary Calmes


This was definitely different than the other books in this series. Be ready to go into a sugar coma from all the cuteness in this book.

For the first half of this book I was kind of waiting for something to start happening, when I realized, this was it. This story of kids, cats, family, and love, was it. And I loved it. This made me all mushy inside.

And I also want to mention I’m totally in awe of Mary Calmes and how she can write about the Netherlands and get EVERYTHING wrong. (Mykola, the boy Jory and Sam adopted was supposedly from my country.)

Our last orphanage closed in 1952, so that would be quite the accomplishment that they got Mykola from there. And the name… Mykola is….. so not a Dutch name, not even close.

But the worst was that I read an entire book where Kola called Jory Pa, which is indeed a Dutch name you can call your father, but it’s like the equivalent of calling your father ‘old man’ (not the same meaning, but more like used in the same way). You might do that when you’re an adult, but never ever as a small child. Every kid here calls their father Papa or Pap.

Why do research when you’re a writer?

But I still liked this very much.