Review: Exes

Exes - Kade Boehme, Jay Aheer, Rebecca Cartee

A very nice low-angst friends to lovers story with a very nice HEA.

Bryce and Wesley have been best friend and occasional fuckbuddies for years. But both have noticed something has changed between them. It is until Wesley comes right out and say he wants more that Bryce finally understands what that something is.

I really liked this. Not much stand in these guys’ way. They are close friends, they love each other and they have wild monkey sex. Yes, this was good!

I was really confused about one thing though. At some point Wesley’s parents come over and it is nowhere mentioned Wesley has two dads, so this was quite a surprise for me. I would say with the issue being discussed that Bryce’s parents did not really approve if his bisexuality, how Wesley’s parents thought about it, is an important thing to have mentioned.

And when referred to one of his fathers as his aba, my confusion was complete. There is a whole page of things said like this.

His dad patted him on the back then he rumbled a laugh. “How did I get two of you?”
“ Two of who?” Wesley asked.
“You and your aba.”

I was totally lost, until Karen was so kind to explain that this is a Jewish word for father. Which would have been nice if this was explained. Now I was just confused for several pages..