Review: Just What the Truth Is

Just What the Truth Is - Cardeno C.

This was in some ways better than I expected and in other ways worse than I expected.

I liked the first half, which I didn’t thought I would. I loved Ben and all his insecurities, while I was expecting to hate him. But how could I hate him when he was hurting so much. I really liked how his relationship with Micah started and how Ben finally took a chance at being happy, even though he was still torn up inside.

Then came the middle part, which I absolutely hated. The break-up I got. I wasn’t too upset over it and expected it to happen. But what I truly hated was Ben fooling around with other men at gay bars during that break-up. It wasn’t even that necessary for the story. He could have just been miserable without getting bjs from other men. That would have worked too.

The second half was as sugary as I would expect from Cardeno. And I liked it. Even though it got a little too sugary near the end. I mean, babies? Really?

Still, it was a nice story.