Review: Reading the Signs

Reading the Signs - Keira Andrews

Sexy baseball players, lovely hurt/comfort, hot sex, a little dominance play. Yep, I absolutely liked this. Why ‘only’ 3.5 stars? Because there was way too much baseball in this (and way too detailed).

I’ve read a lot of sports books recently and not one of those sports I know how to play. But those authors still made me like the story, and the sport, without going into detail about every little thing. This one had just too much baseball for me.

But I still really liked the romance. I did have a bit of a problem with how deep in the closet Nico was in the beginning. I thought he would never find a way out of there, but I was happy to see he found his balls somewhere and decided to man up.

One complaint about the sex scenes: the orgasm descriptions were so flowery that I constantly missed them, and had to back track to read if they were finished or getting ready for a marathon.