Review: David, Renewed

David, Renewed - Diana Copland

This was quite the surprise for me! When I read the blurb I was afraid I would find this a bit boring. But that was so not the case!

David walks into his boyfriend getting a blowjob from a stranger. He moves out immediately and buys a house on a whim. Turns out this house is not in good shape, but David has no idea how to fix this. Luckily his mom gives him the phone number of a handyman.

David expected this handyman to be old, bald, and to have a beer gut. But when he meets Jackson he couldn’t be more wrong. Jackson tells him he can fix his house for him, so David hires him on the spot.


The two strike up a friendship and it’s not long before they both acknowledge their attraction to each other. But between Jackson’s sick mom and David’s raging ex, they don’t seem to find the time to be alone…

What really stood out to me was the writing. I often feel that the interactions between people are fake. The funny moments feel forced, and the things people say to each other make no sense. And often when new characters are introduced they come out of nowhere.

Not here! This felt so incredibly authentic. I loved the slow burn between these guys. Their talks felt real and their attraction didn’t come out of nowhere, but nothing was rushed either.

And the side characters were amazing. There were quite a few, but they all felt so real. I can’t wait to read their stories.

There is some great hurt/comfort going on in this. It’s not heavy on the steam, but it totally fit the story, and what we got was good.


What I also loved were the little autumn-y details. It was cold, windy, there was pie, they had Halloween. It got me all in the autumn mood.