Review: Wild Nights

Wild Nights - Lynn Hagen

What a cute mpreg this was!

Gil has been kidnapped, stripped naked and put up for auction. He has no idea what’s going on, but he tries to will something to happen so he will be rescued. It is then that a man walks into the room he is held in. Gil is convinced he has conjured up his rescuer.

He was going to have to give the guy a name. He couldn’t just keep calling him the large man.
“Hey, Bob, do you know where we’re going?” Gil asked as he ran to keep up with his new friend.
“Name’s Domingo.”
Gil frowned. “I like Bob better.” Since when did conjured men name themselves?

Domingo has no idea what to make of Gil. And why does he keep calling him Bob? All he knows is that he has to save Gil so he will be safe. Domingo is a panther shifter and even though Gil is human, he is a rare breeder, one of the male humans that can get pregnant.

As the two are on the run all kinds of stuff happens. There was one part that was definitely my favorite.

Gil gasped as he looked at Domingo’s chest. Oh, lord, what had they done last night? The words MY NAME IS BOB were tattooed across Domingo’s chest, right above his heart.

Domingo pressed his finger into the sore spot on Gil’s ass. “You have a tattoo back here.”
Gil frowned. He didn’t remember getting a tattoo. “What is it?”
“It says ‘Bob’s Bitch.’”

This was a funny, light-hearted shifter short. Not a lot of depth, but entertaining nonetheless.