Review: Tied Up in Knots (Marshals #3)

Tied Up in Knots - Mary Calmes

Although I still really liked this, it wasn't as good as the other two books. It took two reads for me to finally be able to pinpoint what it was and to write a review.


This book felt out of control. I was constantly waiting for ‘the big plotline’, but that only happened in the last 20%. The rest was just a jumbled mess.


For most of this book Ian and Miro were just…. there. Not a lot happens and I guess I wanted a bit more conflict/action/overly romantic stuff to start happening.


I do have to say that when it did happen,

Miro’s problem with Ian’s constant deployment, the creepy doctor showing up, Chickie getting hurt,

(show spoiler)

it was GOOOOOOD! I really loved those parts. I’m a big Craig Hartley fan, so him appearing again was just awesome. I love how creepy he is. And I loved how it has changed the way he sees Miro now. (And I mean that I love him as a villain,

not a love interest, but it amps up the creep factor that he wants Miro sexually now too).

(show spoiler)


The last 20% was amazing and I hope the next book is more like that.