Review: Say It Right (All Saints #2)

Say It Right - A.M. Arthur

What a disappointment.

I remembered when I was reading this that I didn’t really like Marc in the first book and I didn’t like him in this one. He was so cold. This dude did not enjoy life. I never figured out what it was Anthony saw in him.

Marc runs the LGBT shelter together with his friend Tate. Marc was thrown out of the house when he was 16, lived on the streets for 3 years, was addicted to heroin, tricked to stay alive and got HIV. That’s him in a nutshell.

Anthony was Marc’s best friend growing up. He couldn’t handle it when Marc was thrown out of his home and he couldn’t see him anymore, so he acted out. Eventually he ran away from home several times and now he’s 24, addicted to heroin and living on the streets until Marc saves him, even though they haven’t seen each other in 8 years.

Marc takes Anthony home and tells him to get his life together. Anthony is struggling, but he’s doing okay. They both loved each other when they were kids, although neither ever said anything to the other person. So when Anthony tells Marc he has always loved him, Marc is shocked. He tells him he loves Anthony too, but that they can’t be together. They will go on a date once Anthony is 6 months clean. So they just have to wait for Anthony to get his shit straight before they can act on their feelings…

Things I did not like:
- These guys had absolutely no chemistry. There is one sex scene in the entire book and it wasn’t that great. I get that Marc didn't like to be touched because of a traumatic experience, but it created a distance I didn't like.
- Marc is HIV positive and they have unprotected oral sex.
“Next time we do that, you’re coming down my throat.”
Wait, what? Doesn’t this author do research? There is ALWAYS a risk, no matter how small. I don’t care that Anthony was on Truvada.
- Anthony is struggling what to call himself. Gay…? Bi..? So a friend of Marc, who Anthony has gotten friends with too, takes him to a gay bar. To ‘experiment’. Anthony and Marc already declared their love for each other, but are not officially dating yet. Anthony almost receives a blow job from some guy, until the dude offers him poppers and he leaves. I did not get this at all. Anthony knows he and Marc will become an item, so this was most definitely cheating in my book. If the guy hadn’t offered poppers, he would have gone through with it.

- The fabricated drama near the end. Marc

hitting Anthony because he was upset

(show spoiler)

felt VERY out of character for him.

These things really bothered me, and together with my severe dislike for Marc, this book was not a success.

(Although Tara still wins our discussion of who’s book is more depressing, she has dying dogs.)