Review: Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections - Cardeno C.

I've read this so many times I lost count.
This is one of those books that gets better the more times I read it. Bumping it up to 5 stars because of that.


Jeremy is a famous rockstar, but he is so tired of being in the spotlight and not being able to be himself. He gets drunk at an unknown bar at one night and meets Reggie (Reg). They hit it off and Reg takes Jeremy home because he is no condition to drive.

Jeremy is dying for someone to go on his tour with him, someone he can trust. So he asks Reg to come. Reg is an adventurous kind of guy so he says yes immediately.

Jeremy is ‘sure’ he is not gay… Reg is gay and is sure Jeremey is not as straight as he thinks he is. These two become very close friends and Reg is the solid rock in Jeremy’s hectic life.

But after a few months on the road Jeremy finds out that it is probably not that straight of him to constantly cuddle and sleep next to his best friend. Nor is it very straight of him to join another man in the shower.


Reggie notices the change in Jeremy and just kind of eases him into the whole gay thing. A touch here, a touch there. Jeremy has no choice but to surrender to his feelings.


Reg was just so sweet. I loved how he took care of Jeremy. He knew just what Jeremy needed. And Jeremy may have been older than Reg, but in some ways he was just so naive. Absolutely adorable.

There was one part I didn't like and that was the fleshlight scene. But I have to admit with every re-read it got less weird.

Overall, a sweet, angst free story.