Review: Unraveling Josh

Unraveling Josh - Edie Danford

I liked this more than I thought I would. And it was a solid 4 star read, right until the end. The getting back together after the separation could have been better.

I really liked how Nick was this nerdy, unpopular kid in high school and was now known as the cocky guy with the big… uhm.. feet? He is now tattooed, pierced and wants nothing more than to get all the hot guys on campus to bottom for him.

When he sees his old high school crush, Josh, he just knows he has to have him. But although Josh is a jock, he is also shy and insecure, oh and a total butt virgin. Oh yeah!

When these two meet sparks fly. Josh decided to try to loosen up and Nick always wanted Josh, so the two spend a great night filled with hand job and blow jobs. Nick just knows he won’t see his childhood fantasy again, just how he prefers with his hookups.

But the two meet again a couple of days later, when they find out Josh is a new TA at the college Nick goes to. Josh has no trouble being honest about his feelings, so he tells Nick he would love to see him again. Nick makes it clear he doesn’t want a relationship, nor does he want to be exclusive. But Nick didn’t count on his feelings for Josh.

Things start to go awry when a close friend of Nick comes to visit and blurts out the truth. That Nick wanted Josh in bed to fulfill his teenage fantasy (Josh still doesn’t know they once knew each other vaguely). Josh is quite upset when he finds out Nick has posted his picture and story of their first night in a Facebook group and has gotten points for ‘scoring’ him.

The two break up. Nick is so shocked by everything that happened that he knows it’s time to change. And to win Josh back. So he makes a plan…

I loved how Nick was all bad boy and telling Josh they couldn’t be exclusive, while he was so obviously falling for him and was not having sex with other guys from the moment they met.

And I loved Josh’s honesty and how he was never afraid to show (or tell) Nick his feelings. And him being this popular jock, yet so shy…. oh yes, just adorable.

I was also quite pleased with how the break up went. Because this is a major pet peeve of mine. I hate break ups in my books. But these guys didn’t have some big fight. They talked, and feelings were hurt. I got where both of them were coming from. And I liked how Nick was not giving up.

I was disappointed in how they got back together though. I wanted something more romantic, something more in the style of the rest of their (sweet) relationship.

But overall, I did like this. The relationship was sweeter than I expected and even the angst at 70% was doable. The break up felt real and not fabricated (and there was no yelling, thank God), so I guess that’s why I didn’t mind it all that much.