Review: The Omega's Bodyguard (The Protection of the Pack #1)

The Omega's Bodyguard: First Time Gay Werewolf Alpha/Omega Romance (The Protection of the Pack Book 1) - Dessa Lux

“The omega is the alpha’s mate, but the alpha can choose to share him, to bond the pack. And it sort of... keeps wolves out of trouble during the moon, especially if they’re newly bitten.” Because the omega would be in heat, and his pack would be busy fucking him senseless—holding him down under the weight of all those bodies, never giving him a reprieve before there was another cock pushing into him...

I would have appreciated a heads up of the upcoming gangbang in the blurb.

My romantic self is appalled and not happy with this turn of events (and yes, this will happen, I’m already reading book 2). My inner pervert just wants to read about all the sex.

I will rate this after finishing the series. Although I’m torn between giving it 1 star for the gangbang (or 5 stars if it’s a really good gangbang) and 3-4 stars for the tender moments between Sam and Rusty.



I've decided on 2.5 stars. The sex was good and dirty, but the plot was just not that great. The romance started out quite good for a shifter book, with some great growling and MINE MINE MINE. And we got knotting, always a plus.
But once the gangbang started, the romance went out the window...