Review: The Weight of it All

The Weight Of It All - N.R. Walker

This was funny and just adorable.

35 year old Henry has just been left by his boyfriend of 8 years. The last thing he told Henry was that he was old and fat. Henry is indeed overweight, and he feels old, even though he’s 35.

So Henry decides to change his life. He goes to the gym to try to perhaps lose some weight. It is there he meets personal trainer, Reed. These men hit it off immediately, but Henry is not sure what a gorgeous man like Reed would ever see in someone like him…

I LOVED Henry. He was hilarious. He had no filter whatsoever.

Reed took me over to a StairMaster machine. “Oh, I’ve seen these in action before,” I said. “In Hugo’s House of Pain, except the guy was strapped on and he was naked and―” Reed’s eyes went wide. “―and that was a long time ago. I’m not into leather; it was just one night. Sorry, what were you saying?”

The romance was sweet and it takes a while before anything happens, which I really liked. These men became friends first. But even though I liked Reed, what made this book so enjoyable was definitely Henry and his ramblings.

This is a sweet, humorous, low-angst story, with some steam in the last quarter.

Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a feel-good book.