Review: Overtime

Overtime - T.S. McKinney

I’m not one to notice grammar/spelling mistakes in books. But darn, there was so much of it in this one, I don’t know how anyone can not notice.

The was often They. Rory suddenly was Colton (twice). Some sentences made no sense at all. And we got 3rd person POV from Jagger for the first 4 chapters and then all of a sudden we get Colton’s in chapter 5. I didn’t mind getting more insight in Colton, but it went right back to Jagger a paragraph later and then Colton again a sentence later. After this it was a head hopping feast. We even got all their friends thoughts just thrown in there. It was so confusing.

And then the last chapter starts with Colton and then we get a paragraph that starts with Jagger. I’m not sure what the purpose was of that, since it was a bit late to suddenly start with the discernible POVs.

It didn’t make me like or dislike the story any less, it was just very annoying. And unnecessary, since anyone reading the book will notice this instantly (especially since I’m usually totally blind for these kind of things).

And now on to the story.

The first 25% was 5 stars for me, no doubt about that. Then the middle part was 3.5 and the last part 3 stars. So 3.5 it is.

Jagger has had a tough childhood. His mom left him with his dad when he was just seven. Even though she knew he would take his anger out on Jagger every day.

Jagger learned to just not feel. He got into college on a basketball scholarship and he has been the perfect student for 4 years. Right up until his last game at college. He gets told he is part of the Captain’s Challenge. The captain of the opposing team and his captain will meet before the championship to negotiate what the other team has to do if they lose. But it turns out the captain of the other team wants Jagger if they win. He wants a date with Jagger. A date that lasts 24 hours.

The captain of the other team is Colton, a boy from Jagger’s hometown. A boy that once made him feel when no one else could. Who he has never spoken a word to, but who gives him goosebumps whenever he hears his name. A boy who is now a man...

I loved how Colton was kind of creepy stalkerish in his love for Jagger. I loved how Jagger was hurt and just needed to be shown what it was like to be loved. I also loved how Colton never pushed Jagger too far. How he was dominant, but always tried to protect Jagger.

“I want to make you fall in love with me, Jagger. I want it and I’ll wait forever for it. Don’t rush yourself. If all you feel comfortable doing is kissing and touching, we will kiss and touch until you’re ready for something else. Don’t let me push you and don’t push yourself.”

What I didn’t quite like were all the friends. It was a bit confusing and with all the head hopping going on, I didn’t like it. Everyone was giving advice all the time, while I just wanted them to leave Colton and Jagger alone.

And even though I really loved Jagger and wanted to hug him all the time, the self-hatred went a bit too far for me at the end.

This was quite the angsty read and even though I’m normally not a big fan of angst, in this it kind of worked. There was some miscommunication and some hard words between the guys, but somehow it was doable. I didn't like the short separation at the end though (or the reason why).

Overall, it was a good story, but the execution could have been better.

(BTW, this is not a sports book, for those of you who want to know. The guys are done with college and sports after the first chapter.)