Review: Trick Play (Eastshore Tigers #3)

Trick Play (Eastshore Tigers #3) - Alison Hendricks

This can be read as a stand-alone. No one from the previous books makes an appearance in this.


And another winner. I’ve been on a roll with the sports books lately. I loved this one.

Luke and Brandon have been best friends for years and they are both playing football in the same college team. Luke is bummed that their team seems to be getting no attention from the press. Especially after their gay teammates have graduated. So he comes up with a plan.

Luke wants him and Brandon to pretend they’re a couple to get the ‘Rainbow Tigers’ back. Of course things don’t quite go the way he planned when after the first kiss things don’t feel so fake anymore…

I do have to say that this was a 5 star read before the angst hit. I’m not a big fan of relationship angst and this didn’t quite go the way I wanted it to. It was all just so dramatic. Even though it all ended well, I still had trouble with that part of the book.

Still, I really liked the rest, so 4 stars it is.