Review: Out in the Open

Out in the Open  - A.J. Truman

Well, this was quite awful.

Ethan is a shy, somewhat stiff guy just starting college. He has made some friends, but now he wants a boyfriend too. He just has no idea how to achieve that. Especially since everyone seems to tell him to lighten up and no one seems to really like him.

He’s also not happy with the guy sitting next to him in one of his favorite classes. Greg is the exact opposite of Ethan. He is a big muscled jock, who doesn’t seem to care about getting good grades.

When Ethan accidentally grabs Greg’s crotch to shut him up, it starts something between them. And that something is public sex. Public because Greg tells him that’s what makes it so exciting.

But even though Ethan is finally learning to let go a little, he is also worried about everything. How his old friends don’t seem to approve of his partying behavior, how Greg only seems to want to have sex in public and how he is developing feelings for Greg..

Greg was a major ass. He constantly told Ethan that Ethan’s friends sucked, he didn’t want to be out, and he kept stringing Ethan along and telling him where they were going to do what. Everything was on his terms. And I was so mad when Greg accuses Ethan of hiding Greg from Ethan's friends. Hello! You are the one in the closet! How can Ethan tell his friends about Greg if Greg doesn't want anyone to know about them? And Ethan just took it.

I don’t have a lot of patience for the types that are too afraid to come out of the closet and don’t want to be seen with their (potential) boyfriends.

These guys were still fighting and having meaningless sex when I got to 90%. And when I finally thought things would get better, it just got worse. If I was Ethan I would have dumped Greg’s ass and went for someone who would have fought for me.

And I didn’t even really like Ethan…

Ugh, this was awful.