Review: Touchdown (Game Day #1)

Touchdown - T.S. McKinney

BR with girls Momo and Els

Now this was quite a nice surprise. Neither of us knew anything about this book and the blurb is really vague. This book was fun! And kinky. Lot of BDSM, but also lots of laughs.

Alex is trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. He is supposed to play college football, like his father and grandfather. And he is supposed to go to Harvard after he graduates to become a lawyer in the family firm.

But even though Alex tries to be like his family wants him to be, his spirit cannot be suppressed. He loves to paint, so he does it in secret, in his apartment.

When he gets roped into going to this BDSM club with his three best friends, he has no idea what to expect. He thinks that if he likes it, he will try to play the Dom with some girl. But he didn’t count on Lincoln.

Lincoln is the owner of the club and when he sees Alex, he knows he wants Alex on his knees for him. Not gay? He doesn’t care, he knows he can teach that brat a lesson…

Now, this could have been so angsty, with Alex hiding from himself, and Lincoln trying to have him. But it really wasn’t. Lincoln is trying to be this big bad Dom, and he was, in the bedroom. But out of it he was a sweet guy, who really wanted to help Alex feel happy (don’t worry, he is all ALPHA, but he shows his feelings too).

And Alex was hilarious. I loved him. He was such a sassy brat. His inner monologues were so funny.

Could one get carpal tunnel from jacking off? Coach would kill me. I switched hands.

And I just loved that this was not your regular D/s relationship. These guys were equal in every way. Alex called Lincoln just as much asshole as he called him Sir.

There was one part in this book that made me go all, no no no no please, don’t go there author. But I was happy to say ‘the thing’ didn’t happen.

(view spoiler)There was almost a third party involved, but neither Lincoln nor Alex could go through with it.

(show spoiler)

There is some angst (yes, there is a break-up), but it wasn’t dragged out and they made up pretty fast.

This was a great BDSM story with lots of feelings, some angst, and lots of light, funny moments.



And can I say I LOOOOOVED Alex's friends. Can't wait for the rest of the books.