Review: Empty Net (Scoring Chances #4)

Empty Net - Avon Gale

BR with Elsbeth

This was amazing!! These books just keep getting better and better.

Isaac, the blue-haired goalie of the Spitfires, is not happy that the manager has brought in another goalie. And no one other than Laurent St. Savoy, the goalie who spit on him during their last game, and called him a fag.

But Laurent has good reason to act the way he does. He has been beaten and put down by his father, his former coach, all his life. So he has learned to act like a dick to survive. But it is Isaac who sees the man underneath the tough exterior…

This had such beautiful hurt/comfort, with Laurent hurting so much and Isaac caring for him. I loved how there’s not a lot of relationship angst despite Laurent being a dick at times. He just wanted to be loved, even though he didn’t know it himself.

I also loved how Laurent had no idea if he was straight, gay or something else. He didn’t like to be touched by anyone, so he never thought much about it. He didn’t even like masturbating all that much. When Isaac learns of this, they start to experiment. The soft touches, the tender caresses. I loved it all.


There is no miscommunication, no break up, no unnecessary drama, even though it wasn’t all puppies and rainbows.

It was awesome.