Review: Into You

Into You - Jay Northcote

This was just adorable!


Olly and Scott used to be best friends, until something happened when they were 14. Now they’re both 18 and haven’t been friends for 4 years. But not everyone is too happy with that..

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.” Miss Wychwood stared at Olly and Scott, shaking her head.

The following morning they wake up in each other’s body! Of course they panic, but also agree that they have to work together to act as the other person, since they don’t want to be taken away in straightjackets.

They both find out their feelings of friendship are still there. And even something more..

I loved this!! I loved how they both tried to do the best thing for each other by constantly thinking how the other one would act. I loved how Olly played football as Scott and committed himself to the game, and how Scott learned all the lines of Romeo for the school play Olly was in.

These guys were just perfect for each other.

And I never thought simple solo masturbation sessions could be so damn sexy. Since they had each other’s body, they both got so turned on exploring the other one’s body, it was HOT!

Once they switch back we also got some sexy times together.

Yes, it was good, and I loved it.