Review: Connection Error (#gaymers #3)

Connection Error - Annabeth Albert

Unpopular opinion coming up...


I seem to be the only one who didn't like this, so it definitely must be me then.


I loved the first two books in this series, especially book 2. But this one…. I didn’t like all that much. I have to say there were some parts I did like, but near the end it got awful again.

My biggest problem with this book was Ryan. He was just so… gruff and unemotional.

It’s okay to feel things, you know. But no, Ryan is a big bad Navy SEAL, who shall never admit his feelings or admit he needs help. That was just too much for me. And he made Josiah feel bad on several occasions by dismissing Josiah’s problems.

”I’m looking at having you ship it to me in Germany when you get back to DC, but it looks like that could be hassle and a half.”
“I’ve hiked mountain ranges I’m not allowed to name in the middle of winter. You don’t get to complain about hassle.”
Oops. Josiah felt his face heat even though Ryan wasn’t there to see his apologetic look.

Just because you have had it ‘worse’ doesn’t mean other people’s problems are insignificant. I hate it when people say shit like this.

This was not a success.