Review: Sunset Park (Five Boroughs #2)

Sunset Park - Santino Hassell

I expected a romance, but what I got was an awful lot of insecurity, a lot of selfishness, kissing, groping and talking about sex with other people, fights between Raymond and David, oh and don’t forget the angry sex (which almost felt like rape since David said NO several times, no matter how much he eventually enjoyed it).

Raymond and David are friends (no idea why), when David suggests they become roommates. When Raymond tells David he is bi-curious, David offers to experiment with him… All in secret of course, because Raymond doesn’t want anyone else to know about ‘his business’.

This had an overall sense gloom. No one was actually happy. They all seemed hell bent on making their lives as difficult as possible. No one actually sat down and talked about how they really felt. Raymond was an ass about just anything (from David’s friends to David himself) and David was acting like the biggest drama queen there ever was.

I still don’t get what the deal was with David and his ex, Caleb. David did not want to get back together, but he also wasn’t ready to let him go, so he just let Caleb sleep in his bed when it snowed too much to go home. Yes, because that’s so helpful in his relationship with Raymond. Oh wait, there was no relationship, just angry friendship with some sex thrown in. And don’t forget the massive amounts of weed these guys were smoking. Apparently that’s friendship (because I saw no other moments these guys actually got along).

I didn’t like anyone in this. They all gave me a massive headache.


The audio was great though!