Review: Seven Tears at High Tide

Seven Tears at High Tide - C.B. Lee

I’m sure this book is beautiful for a lot of people, it just didn’t really do anything for me. I picked it without really knowing anything about it, so when I found out it was YA (off-page sex scenes, people!), I was disappointed.

Kevin is 16, and feeling sad because a friend of his turned out to be just using him. He cries while sitting on the pier at the beach. And because he cries seven tears at high tide and makes a wish at the same time (to have someone to love for the summer), a Request was made.

A Request selkie Morgan grants. Morgan changes from seal to human to be able to be with Kevin. The boys spend a beautiful summer together and Morgan eventually tells Kevin his secret.

But it’s almost Morgan’s 17th birthday and with that comes a choice. The choice to remain human, or to be a seal forever. Morgan is no longer allowed to shape-shift after his 17th birthday…

This whole book felt bittersweet to me. And I hate bittersweet. The feeling that something bad has to happen before everyone can be happy… no thank you.

It was a nice story, but really not what I was in the mood for.