Review: Ricochet

Ricochet - Xanthe Walter

Re-read August 28 2016



This one goes straight to my favorites shelf.

Let me start off with what really captured my attention while reading this book (besides the awesomeness that is this book!). The writing! It was excellent, flawless. This author has a gift to know just when to slow down and when to speed things up. While reading other books I often want more details or there are so much of them it feels like detail-overload. But not here. I never felt as if things were skipped or that things moves too slow. I really loved it. This book is long, but I never felt even slightly bored. It had just enough pages for this slow burning romance.


What a wonderful world Xanthe Walter created! It was absolutely hilarious. We have naked gagged subs in restaurants, group marriages, public spankings, you name it. In this world you’re either a sub, a dom or a switch. All are equal and how you satisfy your inner dom or sub is up to you. If it is only in the bedroom or in everyday life, all is possible.

Matt and Rick are both actors in the very popular show Collars and Crime. Rick is a dom who plays a sub on the show and is always goofing around on the set. Matt is the shy newcomer and because of his OCD, he has to count everything, all the time.. He likes everything to be in order and hates surprises.

These two shouldn’t be compatible, with Rick’s laidback attitude and Matt’s uptight routines, but they become very good friends. It is their differences that make it fun. When Rick is told he has to be more responsible, he loses his spark. No more clubbing and bedding a different sub every night . He gets depressed.. Mainly because he misses handing out spankings! Yes, these people take their spankings very seriously.


The rest of the crew misses Rick’s jokes so they draw straws. The one with the shortest straw has to offer himself up as a daily spanking buddy to Rick. And of course…. Matt is the lucky ‘winner’. So their friendship evolves in to something more of the spankish kind. Luckily both of them enjoy their agreement, although there is no sex involved.

(view spoiler)description

After several weeks of fun spanking sessions something changes.. When Matt reads in his script he has to do a very explicit sex scene, where he would be tied up, he is scared to death! So Rick, being the knight in shining armor he is, offers to help him with this specific scene. He suggests they play a scene where Matt will be tied up, just like in the script. Matt has to learn to surrender to a dom and Rick gets to have a chance to channel his inner dom.

So yes, there will be sex. And it was HOT HOT HOT!


After this mind-blowing experience Matt is shocked to find himself in love with Rick. But Rick is convinced he is not relationship material and Matt will only get hurt. But will he still be able to deny his feelings when Matt starts dating another dom?

Rick and Matt were such great characters! Finally not the standard overpowering arrogant dom and the shy sub. Rick was always pulling pranks on set and was not your typical dom.

Rick saved his pièce de résistance for Karl, who discovered in the middle of a scene that all his props had been replaced by various sex toys. Unfazed, he smoothly delivered his dialogue into a butt plug instead of a cell phone, not once breaking character.

Rick’s dom just came out to play whenever he and Matt were in the bedroom… or having one of their spanking sessions.

And Matt was sweet and a bit shy, but he was also very combustible and always ready to take on Rick. These two were equals in every way. They were just playing very hot power games in the bedroom.

This world was so much fun. I was constantly laughing my ass off, even though it was not all fun and games. There was some angst and I desperately wanted to kill that stupid dom, Sebastian Rule, trying to date Matt. But you just know everything will work out once Rick pulls his head out if his ass. And it did. Matt and Rick were amazing together. I loved how they were best friends in everyday life but became sub and dom in the bedroom.

And now I want the t-shirt: ’You want to spank me and you know it!’<!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]--><!--["br"]-->