Review: Don't Twunk With My Heart (Loving You #2)

Don't Twunk With My Heart (Loving You Book 2) - Renae Kaye

If there is one thing Renae Kaye knows how to do is write likable characters.

Kee was such an awesome character; I loved being in his head. I loved how he used to be a twink and tried to stay skinny, until the awful thing with his ex happened, and he decided to just eat and be happy, instead of skinny and unhappy. He is now a twunk, a twink who is now a hunk (thank you Jay, for clearing that up!).

Kee was used to getting it on with big burly men, until his ex-boyfriend thought it was okay to hit him, and send him to the hospital with a concussion. Now Kee is not sure he is up for the big bears. So when he sees Tate dancing, he is surprised to find himself attracted to the skinny twink. After a night of hot smoking monkey sex, they both decide they want to see more of each other.

They start off with a few hookups that soon develops into something more..

This book was pure comfort. I loved these guys. I loved how Kee used to be unsure of his body until he decided, fuck it, and just started eating. I loved how Kee saw Tate struggling with his body and his image, but respected that that was the way Tate wanted it. Of course Kee did try to get Tate to eat more without Tate even noticing.

I also really loved Kee’s friends. Liam and Jamie were of course awesome, but I loved them all, Shane, Vinnie, Aaron, just everyone.

Such an awesome book.

I would recommend reading Loving Jay before you read this, although this can be read as a stand-alone. Jay and Liam play a very big part in this book, so it’s better to have the background info.