Review: Full Exposure

Full Exposure - Amy Jo Cousins

DNF at 60%

This did absolutely nothing for me. I’ve enjoyed Amy Jo Cousins’ writing in other books, but this was such a jumbled mess, I couldn’t get used to it.

I mean, why is “I don’t want to be in my own head anymore.” code for, I want to bottom? I just don’t get it.

And the sex scene I read was at first detailed and all of a sudden we got:
He lays Riley on it, facedown, and fucks him like he doesn’t matter. Tells him with hands and mouth and words how very much he does.

Good way to make me feel detached from the whole scene.

And why on earth is the first half in past tense and all of a sudden we switch to present tense? Very confusing.

Not the books for me.