Review: Troy (Whitedell Pride #12)

Troy (Whitedell Pride Book 12) - Catherine Lievens

”You’re pregnant.”


I knew this series would have mpreg eventually!! This was a one-time thing though, no other pregnant men in the rest of the books.

Troy has been experimented on by humans, so he is now half harpy. Troy still has trouble accepting his other half, so he isolates himself. He feels like an abomination, with his (female) harpy DNA.

But then Emery finds out Troy is his mate, so he tries to help him. Troy is very happy to find out he has a mate, so he won’t feel so alone anymore. Troy insists they mate immediately, so Emery won’t leave him.

Of course he didn’t expect to get so sick a few weeks after their mating. But there it is, a baby bump!

This was a bit weird, because Troy is not just pregnant, he is pregnant with an egg. Yes, he has to lay an egg.

But everything works out fine of course and everyone is happy happy happy.