Review: Forsaken (The Protectors #4)

Forsaken (The Protectors, Book 4) - Sloane Kennedy

The weirdest thing happened with this book. I started off thinking it was pretty meh. Then the totally fabricated unnecessary angst happened around 65% and I was ready to DNF, and then the last 35% happened and I really started liking it.

These books all have the same formula. The gruff, unapproachable MC finds someone who needs his protection and love and starts opening up. And I really really love the smaller guys needing protection, but I have a hard time liking the closed-off Alpha males in this series. Especially if they’re pushing their loved one(s) away.

And that’s what Mav did to Eli at 65%. He suddenly figured he wasn’t worthy of love and tried to leave Eli. That was just stupid.

But after this, we finally were told what happened to Eli, and I was hooked. The last 35% really had my attention.

I do admit, the sex in this was scorching hot, so the first half wasn’t all bad.

Overall, a nice hurt/comfort story, but I hope the fabricated angst is left out of the next book.