Review: Heart of the Warrior (The Tameness of the Wolf #4)

Brothers In Arms - Kendall McKenna

I’m so disappointed and so incredibly sad. I’ve been waiting so long for this book, but it didn’t deliver at all.

This was absolutely nothing like the other 3 books.


I felt as if there was no storyline in this at all. There was no character development or relationship building.

Terrell Hubbard is on some sort of mission (we never learn what they’re there to do) when he meets pack leader Kai. They hit it off, have sex, and Terrell feels something for him (since they’ve only known each other a day and had one conversation before the sex, that was a bit strange).

Then Kai fucks up on a mission and Noah, the true Alpha, disciplines him and tells Terrell he cannot see Kai anymore because he can’t stay objective otherwise. The end.

This just sucked.

I really feel for Kendall McKenna and her explanation why this book took so long, but I would have rather waited 2 more years if we had gotten more than this.

I also feel cheated that I paid $6 for this book only to find out it’s only 63 freaking pages.