Review: Romanus

Romanus - Mary Calmes

The perfect narration of Greg Tremblay was the only reason I didn’t DNF this one.

I can do shifter stories, but this gargoyle story was confusing and just plain weird.

Firefighter Mason encounters a naked old man in the streets. He gets the man to get into his truck and takes him home. He gets taken to a house in a clearing, where it seems like a bunch of naked people are sitting around a bonfire.

The people there are acting very strange and the only reason Mason stays is because he is struck by the beauty of one man, Luc.

The guys hit it off, there is sex, there is some talk of MINE blahblablah. Oh, and Mason just shrugs when he finds out Luc is a gargoyle and that Mason is a descendant of gargoyles himself.

This was the insta-est of insta love romances. It was weird, it was awful. Thank god it was short.