Review: Adulting 101

Adulting 101 - Lisa Henry

Adulting is hard.
The struggle is real.

Nick is 18, and not quite ready to grow up yet (but who is...). He is determined to get close to Jai, the guy he's seen around on the construction site where he has his summer job. Of course how to get Jai to notice him....

"Wait! That was weird. Sorry, that was weird. I’m weird. So, um, if you can forget that thing I said about leather pants, that would be awesome.” Nick’s face is scrunched up, like a toddler refusing vegetables. “But, okay, I’m seriously wearing my favorite red shirt and I would really, really like to suck your dick.”

Nick was just awesome. And I was happy to see Jai thought so too. These guys were very sweet together. No angst to be found here, yay!

I loved this funny, sweet and adorable story.