Review: Starting New

Starting New - S.C. Wynne

This was not what I expected at all. I was expecting some lovely comfort to go with the hurt, but there wasn't enough of the comfort I so love.

Francis has lived his entire life on the street (how is that even possible, especially when he was an infant??) and is turning tricks to stay alive. He is now 21, but he can’t see any other life in his future.

After a bad run in with a john, he gets taken in by the pastor, his wife, and their 21 year old son, Randy. They offer him a place to stay if he wants to help out rebuilding the shelter close by. But Francis has a hard time accepting their help and kindness..

Francis was such a stubborn person, who didn’t want to let anyone is, that I had a hard time liking him. Although he kind of grew on me near the end.

But I really disliked Randy. I could not get a good feel for him. He wanted to help Francis, but one moment he was really sweet, and then all of a sudden he was angry and being surly to Francis. I got that he had a hard time with the fact that he might be gay, especially as the pastor’s son, but I felt he ran hot and cold all the time.

There isn’t a lot of relationship development. Most of this book is Francis pushing Randy away or the other way around, neither wanting to admit their feelings.

Overall I did not enjoy this, basically because the characters felt very emotionless and cold to me. Oh, and there is no on page sex, except for some frottage somewhere around 70%.