Review: 911

911 - Chris Owen

Yes, there is such a thing as too much sex. I’m quite surprised they could still get it up.

Still, the overall fluffy feeling of this book kept me entertained. Except when I started to skip the many many sex scenes that is.

The first 40% consisted of Drew and Scott getting together. That went on for a bit too long, we were witness for the first 2 years of their relationship.

Things got better when Eric was introduced. I really liked how these two became three. Not because something was missing in the relationship between Drew and Scott, but simply because they both fell in love with Eric.

There is no angst, no jealousy,. Everything worked out fine between these guys and I loved that. Drew and Scott talk about their feelings before anything happens with Eric.

Drew and Scott started out as roommates and after being a couple for 2 years, Eric moved in too, just as a roommate at first.

I also really liked how Drew was a firefighter, Scott was a doctor and Eric an EMT, so they all understood their busy schedules.

Yes, I liked this one.