Review: Jamie (Whitedell Pride #1)

Jamie (Whitedell Pride Book 1) - Catherine Lievens

Yay, a new shifter series I like!

This was better than I expected.
Sure, the writing lacked a little emotion every now and then, but overall I enjoyed it.

Jamie is out camping when he sees a panther, a cougar and a lion playing together. Just when he thinks how weird that is, he sees the panther changing into a man. He gets scared so he runs away. Jamie is lucky he gets a ride from a truck driving by and gets dropped off at his apartment. But of course he forgot his wallet, so when he and his brother hear someone knocking on their apartment door that night, he is not surprised.

Ward, the panther shifter, recognized that Jamie is his mate, so he is very eager to see him again. He and his pack friends are ordered by the alpha to visit Jamie and to tell him to keep their secret.

Ward gets that Jamie is scared of them, but he really wants to get to know him better.
His brother Keenan is not scared of the shifters at all and is all too happy to go with them to their pack house.

Jamie is still wary of the pull he feels towards Ward, but he is also intrigued by the big man. But he doesn’t want to jump straight into shifter marriage, he wants to date first. So that’s what they do.

I like my insta-love in shifter books, but I have a feeling there won’t be any insta-love in this series. I liked how Jamie and Ward actually dated instead of hopping into bed immediately.

There is some hurt/comfort going on in the second half, which I really enjoyed, and kept this book from being boring. And I’m also very intrigued how things will play out for Jamie’s brother, since he started dating Bryce, even though they aren’t mates.

I can’t wait to see everyone in this pack get their happily ever after.