Review: Chasing the Dream

Chasing the Dream - Andrew  Grey

Sometimes you have books that could have been so amazing, but fail spectacularly.

This was one of those books. I loved the premise, but it was written with so little emotion, it felt as if I was reading a newspaper instead of a romance novel.

These guys had no chemistry at all.

Brian is a spoiled brat, has been all his life. He has more money than he can spend and throws parties every night. One day he accidentally stops a mugger from getting away and that’s how he meets Cade, the guy being mugged. Cade is grateful for Brian’s help because if the mugger had gotten away he wouldn’t have been able to buy food that week.

When Brian’s grandfather dies he is informed he has no get through a test before he gets any money at all. Brian is confused and angry at his grandfather. He has no money, no place to live and no job. So he goes out looking for a job to start. When he is hired at a health spa, he runs into Cade again, who works there too.

Cade offers him his couch to sleep on because Brian has nowhere else to go. It is clear Brian’s friends were no real friends once they found out he’s no longer rich.

The two form a tentative friendship while Brian is staying at Cade’s. It is clear Brian has no idea what it’s like to be poor, but he’s trying to help Cade where he can…

I didn’t like either Brian or Cade. Brian was not as spoiled as I thought he would be, but it kept being emphasized that he was. His actions and thoughts told me he was caring and thoughtful, but Cade kept telling (attacking) him about him being spoiled. It felt very fabricated.

Cade could have been nicer to Brian, instead of blaming him for being rich. Since we only got Brian’s POV, I never felt connected to Cade, so I had a hard time understanding him. I don't care if someone is rich or poor, it's how you treat people that makes you the person you are. And I was not impressed with Cade..

The romance was very underdeveloped. There was supposed to be this slow burn I think, but I just felt completely bored. There was no chemistry. No, oh how I want you!

I felt angry when I was finished that it wasn’t better, because it could have been..