Review: Hottie Scotty and Mr. Porter

Hottie Scotty and Mr. Porter - R. Cooper

This was quite awesome!!

The first half of this book was simply perfect. Definitely 5 star material. Except when I was expecting something to happen halfway… it never did. It continued in the same way, and that wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Scott is a 29 year old firefighter, who is really into health and exercising. He gets asked by the small town’s knitting club if the other openly gay man in town is dating someone. Scott is surprised they are asking him about widower Cole. Cole, who he had a crush on for quite a while, especially since their one night stand a year back.

The women in the knitting club want to set Cole up with someone, so he won’t be lonely anymore. It doesn’t even cross their mind that Cole might not even want to date.

The knitting club also emphasizes to Scott that he is definitely not on the list of potential candidates for Cole. Because Scott is nothing but dumb muscle, pretty to look at, but not to talk to…

I loved the pining. Scott was so adorable in his crush. And I absolutely loved his straight friends.

Lewis was touching his back in a sexual way. Scott could not be that drunk yet to be imagining that.
“Yes!” Tiny yelled, as if Lewis had the right idea, and moved his hips against Scott’s with, like, intent. And he shouldn’t, because it felt fucking good and it had been a while since another man had actually, physically touched Scott.
“Thinks Scotty isn’t good enough to suck his dick, huh?” Lewis muttered, right in Scott’s ear, and his breath was hot enough to make Scott shiver. “We’ll show him.”
Scott did not understand straight men, but Lewis had abs to eat off of, and he was pressed tight against Scott’s ass while talking about sucking dick, and Scott had just downed, like, four shots at least.
“This is a bad idea.” Scott exhaled the words, and Tiny laughed in his face before reaching down to tug on his shirt. “He’s not going to be jealous.” Scott had figured it out, but Lewis’s giant hands settled sort of shyly at his sides and then slid up over his chest, so Scott swallowed and didn’t argue.

I have to admit, I wanted some relationship development after the pining, but the pining continues for the first 90% and the relationship only starts happening in the last 10%. So that was a bit of a disappointment.

But other than that, this book was funny and just adorable!