Review: Not a Game

Not a Game - Cardeno C.

Cardeno C. writes fluff like no other.

Oliver has been overweight his whole life. He is very insecure about it and thinks no one could possibly want him. Especially since his one ex-boyfriend told him he was bad in bed.

So Oliver hires a prostitute, to show him the ropes.
It’s like that he meets Jaime in the bar where they’re supposed to meet. Oliver tells Jaime about his insecurities and how much it helps that he is simply paying for his time so he doesn’t have to be nervous.

Of course you can sense from the start that Jaime probably is not the prostitute Oliver hired. But since Jaime really wants to get to know the sexy man better, he goes along with it.

The two meet up once a week and their meetings begin to look more like dates than Oliver would have expected.

Now all Jaime needs to do is convince Oliver that he wants him for who he is, and that he’s not the prostitute Oliver hired..

It bothered me a little that there was this big secret between them, but since there was no real blow out when Jaime did come clean, I started to feel better about it.

I loved how Jaime adored Oliver and his whole body. Being overweight has nothing to do with being sexy, and I loved how Jaime kept telling Oliver that.

The one thing that bothered me a little was that their sexual tastes were a bit different from mine. Jaime kept going on and on in his head about how sexy he found it that Oliver was hairy and didn’t manscape. And they both were crazy about smells. I could have gone without the armpit licking and stuff. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Overall, this was incredibly sweet and is bound to make any reader feel good.