Review: One Giant Leap

One Giant Leap - Kay Simone

This was just adorable! I loved this.

I loved how the romance unfolded while Curt was in space and Patrick on earth. They fell in love by just talking to each other.


They do finally meet at 80% and it was wonderful and everything I’d hoped for.

I did have one major problem with this book and that is the beginning of each new chapter for the first half of this book. I hated those parts and I skipped all of them.

It was like this:

[Transcript courtesy of “AMERICA TONIGHT.” Original air date: June 7, 2015]
MAXINE MORALES: Did you keep in touch with anyone from your missions?
LARKIN: I saw Allan. Once. But, no. (sighs) No. Other than that, I really did not. (Camera cuts to Morales and Allan Perez sitting across from each other on a different set. Screen reads ALLAN PEREZ, MISSION COMMANDER, 1998-2003. NASA FLIGHT DIRECTOR, 2010-PRESENT.)


But other than that I really loved it. It was super romantic.