Review: Against the Grain (THIRDS #5)

Against the Grain - Charlie Cochet

I liked this more than I expected. A lot of my friends were disappointed in this book, so my expectations were very low. And I think that helped.

I got why some people would be disappointed in Cael and Ash’s story, because yes, this could have been better, but I was still happy with the way things turned out.

I expected lots of angst, since everyone was complaining about Ash getting his head out of his ass, but the relationship angst happened in the previous books, not really in this one.

Ash has issues, but he tells Cael he wants to work on them and asks if they could take it slow. So they do. And I had no problem with that. They were cute together and despite there not being a lot of sexy times, when they did get together they were HOT!

Cael was just adorable in this, and even Ash was not his asshole self with the way he was just melting every time Cael was near.

And even though the funny times were missing in this, I like where Charlie Cochet is taking this series.