Review: Love Me Like a Rock

Love Me Like a Rock - Amy Jo Cousins

I just didn’t feel it.

This story begins with Austin drawing a nude model. A nude model, who he can’t stop admiring in a non-artistic way…

Austin and the model, Sean, hit it off after the session and start flirting with each other. This flirting leads to sex and all of a sudden they are hanging out and having sex on a regular basis.

But Austin tells Sean it can’t be anything serious between them, because he is kind of hung up on someone else. That someone else is his friend Vinnie, who he has a friends-with-benefits thing with (don’t worry, this is only once a month and once Austin meets Sean, he doesn’t sleep with Vinnie).

I had a hard time getting a good feel for Austin. I felt so detached from him and the rest of the characters. I also thought the first half was all tell and no show (we especially get told about the friendship between Austin and Vinnie, but for the first half, we don't even see Vinnie).

I had a really hard time believing in the friendship between Austin and Vinnie. They were supposed to be very close friends, but they never hung out, and they never even talked to each other. But for some reason I was told to believe Vinnie was so important in Austin’s life.

There were times I really did enjoy this story (the camping scene was great!), but overall I had a hard time liking it. :(