Review: Fierce & Fabulous

Fierce & Fabulous - Elizabeth Varlet

This was awesome!!

I want to start by saying I’m never a big fan of the girlish boys in my books. Not that I don’t like them, but I don’t like the theatrics that often go with it.

This was different. Ansel was different. Ansel was just Ansel and I loved him. I never once felt like he was girlish (you know, the chick with dick syndrome), despite his high heels and makeup.

Fitch is 29, and as far as he knows pretty straight.


He has been dragged to a gay bar by his lesbian sister. It is there that he sees Ansel, who is a dancer in the club. When his sister arranges a lap dance for him as a joke, Fitch is absolutely captivated by the beautiful man with the long hair and high heels.


But despite Ansel’s appearance, he is all man. He just likes pretty things.

Ansel somehow feels that Fitch is not just a customer in the club. He even breaks his own rules and kisses him. It is clear the two have amazing chemistry.

Fitch knows he cannot stay away from the pretty dancer, so he decides to be a man and ask him out…

I loved how Fitch accepted his own fluid sexuality. He was very close with his sister, who came out when she was in her teens. So he is not homophobic at all. He is surprised by his attraction, but he decides to just go with it. He likes Ansel, period.

This book was beautifully written. I loved how sexy and emotional the sex scenes were. Especially since Ansel had a lot of trouble opening up.

There is a bit of angst in the middle, but it really fit the story. It wasn’t dragged out and it served the purpose of letting Ansel see what he was doing with his life.

Happy sigh… I really loved this.