Review: Return To Me

Return to Me: Book 5 of the Fated Hearts Series - Aimee Nicole Walker

I needed a fluffy read and this one sure delivered.

Noah and Maverick spent every summer together since they were 7 years old. They were each other’s best friend, first kiss, and first boyfriend when they were 16. But one day Maverick disappeared.

Noah has tried to find the connection he once had with Maverick with someone else again, but he never succeeded. He is now 38 years old, and a successful psychiatrist, but his life still feels empty.

When he returns to his home town because the old family house has been vandalized, Noah never expected to see Maverick. But it turns out Maverick owns the construction company who is renovating the house.

The two men haven’t seen each other for 22 years, but it’s immediately clear that they still have amazing chemistry. It’s not long before they pick up where they left off 22 years ago…

I loved how there wasn’t a lot of angst when these guys get reunited. There were no hard feelings, just confusion as to why Maverick left so many years ago. When Maverick explained what happened, Noah felt heartbroken and understood he had no choice. Noah always knew this, because he never thought Maverick would just leave him like that.

I did think the thing that happened at 60% was a bit too much for the story and I could have gone without the

 temporary amnesia.

(show spoiler)

But other than that this was a sweet story, with lots of hot sexy times.

Oh, and yes, there is a slight paranormal element in this, but it’s very very small (the house is haunted by a friendly gay ghost).