Review: Why Love Matters

Why Love Matters - Jay Northcote

This was adorable!
This reminded me of two things. It had this Sixty Five Hours feel, which I loved, and I kept picturing the guys as Arthur and Merlin. And since it originally was a Merthur fanfic, that’s not so far-fetched.

Alastair is not comfortable with physical contact. A simple touch is hard for him, and a cuddle is not even on the menu. He is comfortable with sex, but not tenderness.

He works for his dad’s company and he has worked very closely with his assistant, Martin, for the past two years.

When his dad tells him that a big client is very touchy feely, he is worried about Alastair’s reaction. He doesn't want Alastair to freeze up when someone tries to give him an enthusiastic pat on the back.

So Martin comes up with a solution. A cuddle workshop. Martin’s mother provides these, so Martin suggests they both spend the weekend at her place.

This was a very sweet short story with some sexy times near the end.

And I loved the idea of this workshop. Cuddles for everyone!