Review: Touch Me: An Erotic Romance

Touch Me: An Erotic Romance - Chris Scully

This was not all what I expected. I expected an erotic short about a man giving erotic massages. I was in the mood for that.

But no, this book deals with heavy subjects. It floored me.


----Beware, spoilers----

This is told from Erik’s POV. Erik is a 49 year old man, who is not only giving out regular massages during his day job as a masseur, he also gives some special people erotic massages. He gets to know these people on the internet and invites them to his practice. These people don’t pay Erik, because Erik is doing this to help.

He helps people with touch. To learn how to enjoy physical release (again).



If this would have been the story, I would have been thrilled, but it was not ‘just’ this.

We find out that Erik has a partner, who he has been together with for 26 years. But his partner, George, is dying. It was George’s idea about the erotic massages. Erik never participates himself, except to give someone else pleasure. They never touch him back.

We get Erik’s experiences with 22 year old Jeremy, who rocks his world. And we get to read about Erik helping an older couple getting back on track with their sexlife.

I loved what Erik did for people. I thought it was beautiful what he accomplished and how much people needed it.

But this book was so depressing. We get Erik’s depressing thoughts about the love of his life dying, we get his confusion about being very attracted to young Jeremy. And we even get to be there when George dies and how Erik is crushed, but also relieved. And how he finally starts something with Jeremy, who never gave up on him.

It was just too heavy for me. I kind of have a hard time enjoying an erotic short if death plays such a big role in it…