Review: Alex

Alex: An M/M Romance (Striking Back Book 4) - S.M. Shade

DNF at 42%

Why does this book have such high ratings?? What the heck?!?
I can suspend disbelief when reading books, I really can (hello! Mpreg!), but not in this one..

Alex is living with his best friend Ian after Alex’s boyfriend died. I get that that is a really big thing and that Alex would be crushed. But him and the boyfriend were together for 3 months, but Alex keeps thinking about him as if they’ve spent 20 years together….

Then Alex gets a call.
“Typical worthless drunk keeps beating his seventeen year old son. The state just keeps giving him back. I know you don’t normally take kids without a guardian, but…”
“We don’t take kids without a guardian because it’s kidnapping.”
“I realize that. I also know you have taken underage victims and hidden them with their distant relatives. This boy…he has no one.”

Alex takes in 17 year old Kyle, forms a bond with him immediately and everyone seems happy happy happy. Of course Kyle cannot go to school because he has to lie low, so he is working on getting his GED once he turns 18.

But then someone knows someone who knows someone at an art college.

“No loans, son. Like I said, the school is owned by a friend, and when I showed him your work, he offered you a full scholarship. Four years. If this is something you’re interested in pursuing.”

Sure! People hand out full scholarships when shown one drawing all the time…..

And of course Kyle can start college without his GED and without entering his real name!

“But…won’t the cops find me if I enroll?”
“No, my friend will enroll you under a different last name until you turn eighteen, then correct it. I’ve assured him you’ll have no problem getting your GED then as well. We can straighten it all out later, but in the meantime, you can become a student.”

I’m pretty sure that’s ILLEGAL. And no college would ever do this.

But of course this all works out great.

Then Alex finds out that his best friend Ian has cancer. How he found out? Well, he got an automated call from the hospital telling him about his appointment and the caller ID said Marion Oncology. Pretty specific huh?
And I’m pretty sure a hospital is not allowed to send automated messages to someone’s home phone, since the tape has no idea who will answer the phone!!

I’m sooooo done with this stupid book.