Review: Double Blind

Double Blind - Heidi Cullinan

Audio edition.
Iggy Toma is amazing!

Well, I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did.

Randy is still in Las Vegas, playing poker, and… being Randy. When he sees a man constantly betting on black, he is intrigued. That man looks like he has nothing left to lose. He goes out to the roulette table to meet him. This man is Ethan, who has indeed nothing to lose.

Ethan’s lover took his money and broke it off with him and Ethan has nothing left. He intends to lose the last of his money and then blow his brains out with the gun under his car seat. But he didn’t count on Randy… Randy, who bets on anything. Even a kiss from him. Which Ethan is not willing to give him.

Randy is trying to teach Ethan how to play poker to spend more time with him. And Ethan is intrigued by the game, but also by Randy. Enough to go home with him.

When the two spend more time together it is clear these two have amazing chemistry. And Ethan knows that without Randy, he would literally be dead…

When I first met Randy in Special Delivery I hated him. I thought I would never ever like him. But… I was wrong. I did like him, a lot.

Randy was vulnerable, he was sweet, and he loved with all his heart.

But the main star in this book was Ethan. Oh boy, am I in love with Ethan!!

I was wondering what kind of man ‘weird’ Randy would end up with, but I never thought it would be someone like Ethan. Ethan was just perfect. I loved him from the start. I loved how he was kind of alpha male, but with a softer side. He took in a kitten!!

Yes, the poker stuff bored me out of my mind at first, but it got better as I listened on. I even started to like it..

I wasn’t sure how Sam and Mitch would fit into Randy and Ethan’s relationship, but they did. They were a big part of this story and I loved how both were there for Randy and Ethan. They all became friends. And the foursome was HOT!!


I really enjoyed this and I’m glad Randy found his true love in Ethan.