Review: Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind - Sean Michael

Zane has been terribly abused by his boyfriend and on the run when his car breaks down. He gets taken home by Butch, who spotted the car and wants to help Zane.

Butch is living with Randy, an eccentric artist. The two of them take Zane in and try to make Zane trust them..

This reminded me a lot of Wolf Run(without the shifters that is), but whereas Wolf Run really worked for me, in this the characters felt juvenile instead of adorable.

I have a feeling the author tried to depict the cuteness of the characters, especially Randy, but to me he came across as slow, not cute.

I was hoping for some great comfort when I read the first few pages, which were full of hurt. But it was very anti-climactic when Butch and then Randy found out about Zane’s injuries.

”Hiya, company! Oh hey—you’re hurt.”
“Yeah. Zane. Hi.” He tried to stand, offer his hand.
“What happened?” Randy asked, dumping his handfuls on the table and coming over to get a closer look.
He blushed, ducked his head. “I… The guy I was living with and me fought.”
Randy sat in Butch’s lap. “Really? That’s awful. Butch would never do something like that to me, would you, Butch?”

The rage came later on in the book, but I would have expected there to be more shock to see someone so hurt by their boyfriend.

And the writing was incredibly confusing. Way too much use of the word 'him' instead of using names… Like that works in a MMM??

I had no idea who was kissing who at times, and eventually I just started guessing (I often guessed wrong).


It had its good moments, but overall this didn’t really work for me.