The Edge of Control - Mattie Lou O'Kelly

This was good? This was not good? This was everything in between? I have no idea…

David is the Chief of Medicine in a hospital. He is single, gay and crushing on one of his new nurses, Ian James. But Ian seems very closed off, so David doesn’t even try to strike up a conversation.

When Ian suddenly tries to seduce him, David has a feeling something is wrong. It turns out Ian is being extorted by Judge Bruce Muller, Chairman of the hospital board. The judge told Ian to seduce David so he can blackmail David.


Ian is taking care of his sister and her 3 young children, but the judge is blackmailing Ian into having sex with him, or he will get Social Services to take the children.

David is not happy when he finds all of this out ,so he tries to help Ian by finding out as much as he can about the judge.

The two of them grow closer and closer while they are coming up with a plan to bring Bruce Muller down...

This was quite a long story and I put it down several times. I was happy I was done, even though there were parts I did enjoy.

It was funny at times, but I felt as if the writer was trying to make David a bit too funny?


And I didn’t feel the chemistry between David and Ian at all. The relationship could have used something more.

This whole book consists of David and Ian trying to expose the big bad judge, so I was constantly on the edge of my seat. With all the dirty judges and cops it felt so depressing to me. Like Ian and David were just one breath away from being taken away from each other. It got on my nerves. No time to let your guard down here!


Overall it wasn’t bad and I actually did like the last 20% more than the rest, but it didn’t blow my mind.