Home - Cara Dee

What a lovely story this turned out to be.

Dominic is 24 and living on the streets, turning tricks to stay alive. And to send money to his aunt, who is taking care of his 3 year old daughter, Thea.

Dominic is afraid his daughter won’t recognize him anymore, when he finally has enough money for a bus ticket to go see her. But it turns out Thea has an eidetic memory and does recognize him. She also has trouble speaking and uses sign language, or writes down what she wants to say.

When Dominic arrives in Camassia Cove, where his aunt and Thea are living, he meets Adrian. Adrian is a 35 year old (tattooed!) teacher and is always trying to help people. When he meets the young Dominic, he wants to help.

Dominic is still homeless, because his aunt doesn’t allow him to stay with her. His aunt is not such a wonderful person. She wants all the money she can get out of Dominic and has taken care of Thea, but not much.

So when Adrian offers Dominic a place to stay for him and Thea, Dominic reluctantly agrees. It is hard for him to trust Adrian, but he also knows he has to get Thea away from his aunt.

Dominic is used to sex being a way to earn money, so when he actually feels attracted to Adrian, he doesn’t even recognize is at first. But when he does, he wonders what it is like to kiss Adrian. To kiss someone, since he has never kissed anyone before.

That first kiss leads to more kisses and then hugs, cuddles, and eventually (hot!) sex.


I loved how the relationship between Dominic and Adrian developed. Adrian was so patient. And I loved how Dominic trusted Adrian. There is practically no relationship angst. The transition from being acquaintances, to being friends, to being lovers was very smooth.


This book starts out with some pretty heart breaking scenes and life on the streets is not glossed over, neither was it an endless torture. It just gave us a good feel for Dominic’s life.

There were a few things that were quite unrealistic with Thea (I had a hard time believing Dominic, who was so unaware of his own sexuality, had sex with a girl, and created Thea, because he felt horny. That was so out of character. And how Thea acted was highly unlikely for a 3 year old, even though she was a genius), but I decided to just ignore that and enjoy the book anyway.