Dirty Angel - Barbara Elsborg

This was really good, even though I did have some trouble with a few things.

Aden is dead. He died when terrorists attack the concert he is at. But it appears he is neither bad nor good, so the angel from hell, Dante, and the angel from heaven, Raphael, don’t quite know what to do with him.

So Aden gets sent back for a month. He has so learn what love is. To love and be loved.

So Aden gets dropped in the middle of nowhere with no possessions, except the clothes on his back. He then gets hit by a car when he is walking on a dirt road.

The person who hit him, is veterinarian Brody. Brody cannot believe he just hit someone, even though the guy seems fine. Aden ends up at the farm where Brody lives in a cottage, next to his brother, Des. When Aden saves Des’ son when he falls down the roof, Des offers him a job and a place to stay.

Brody and Aden get close, without them wanting to. Aden has to think about his life and doesn’t want to drag Brody down with him. And Brody has an abusive ex, who is still after him..

I loved these guys. I would have to say that the paranormal aspect of this was tinier than I thought it would be. Yes, Aden is dead, but this concentrated more on relationship and character development, than anything else.

The thing that bothered me the most, was how Brody kept defending his ex, even though the dude tried to kill him. That felt so wrong to me. It went on too long. I really wanted Brody to see the light, but he just didn’t.

And the end was a bit meh. I thought the last part could have used a few more pages. I felt there were some things that needed to be resolved.

[spoiler]Brody was very mad and disbelieving when he heard the truth and then all of a sudden he was fine with it all.[/spoiler]


But even though I had a few issues with the story, it was still very good.