The Island

The Island - Lisa Henry What an incredible book! I did not expect the twist halfway through!

We meet Shaw, a criminal art dealer. He is invited by Vornis to his island to sell a painting. That is when we meet Lee, Vornis’s toy…. Lee has been on the island for 8 weeks. He is constantly tortured and raped during that period. When Vornis lends Lee to Shaw to use for the week, Shaw pities him and takes care of him. But…. he makes it clear that he is not there to save Lee. And although Shaw does not want this, these two form a bond. Then the night comes when Vornis is going to kill Lee. And something unexpected happens…

The writing was exceptionally good. I really was there, on the island. I felt the despair, the hopelessness of the situation Shaw and Lee were in.
I really liked Shaw. I thought he was a bit cold in the beginning, but after the twist I totally understood and forgave him for it. Lee... I just wanted to hug him and never let go!! God, what he went through.. it broke my heart and I almost couldn’t take it when Vornis came and got Lee from Shaw once again… He was so broken. But I loved his strength as well. The way he kept repeating to himself: “You cannot break my soul…”. He was so brave. I loved him.

There is a WTF moment halfway through the book, but you will just have to read it for yourself….
Highly recommended!